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Roteq Engineering Pte Ltd was founded in November 2000 and has it's headquarters in Singapore. Although naturally, our business activities are focusing at Singapore and the neighboring countries, we have experience and business all over Asia.

  Our business is focused on the "MORE SPECIAL DEMAND" principle - thus we are working in the engineering, manufacturing/construction, service and supply market and after-sales where special knowledge of both the product and the industry are of high importance. This reflects naturally also in the choice of our supply partners. As the company management is from Austria, very good knowledge and relationship to Europe is existing.

  Our business is so far concentrating in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, process, food processing, environmental, automotive, energy and similar sectors. It is however not limited to these industries and listing them serves only as examples. As we are a highly dynamical company, we are proceeding in all industries where special engineering and supply demand is existing.

Our official work time is Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 (Singapore time)

Information for people visiting us by car: Our car park at B1 (underground) will only be available for visitors from 12 noon till midnight. In the morning hours the underground car park is reserved for labeled cars of residents. If you visit us in the morning, you have to park at Level 1 or 2 (around the outside of the building, expect it to be quite full in this area during the morning hours) or you may prefer to see us after 12:00 noon. Please note that some areas within Midview are also on the first and second floor reserved for vehicles with labels (blue labels).

Since 1st January 2009, the "Company Registration Number" in Singapore is called UEN (Unique Entity Number).
Our UEN is:  200009686Z
We are a Singapore GST registered company, our GST No. is actually the same as the UEN:  200009686Z

Roteq Engineering Pte Ltd is Member of the Austrian Business Association - Singapore

As many people ask, what is the meaning of "ROTEQ"?

ROTEQ stands for ROTating EQuipment, as the first business of the company focused on this kind of equipment. Rotating equipment is, as the wording says, usually equipment like compressors, pumps, fans/blowers, engines - simply equipment that has main components that are rotating.

ROTEQ of course specializes also in equipment that is not part of the rotating equipment segment. We are manufacturing systems and parts to add local content to supply, but also for cost saving and efficiency matters. Apart of that, we do equipment calibrations or support customers with this activity.

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