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Digital, Manual Hardness Tester

Model: HPE II

For SHORE A, B, O, C, D, DO, OO, OOO
L/c, Bareiss Variant C (Asker C), Densimeter

Hardness tester with contact pressure
according to standards measuring
time - optical and acoustic signal
serial interface and serial connecting-cable

Key Advantages:

The internal memory allows the storage of up to 300 measuring

values. These results are stored automatically after each measurement

and can be recalled through "M" (Memory).

The data can be sent to a PC via serial RS232 Interface. After sending the

data, the memory is being reset.

For measurement of Shore Hardness according to:

DIN 53505, EN ISO 868,
NF T 51-174,
ASTM D 2240
ISO 7619,
BS 903 Part. A 26

Standard Accessories:

- RS 232 Interface Cable

Optional Accessories:

Test stand BS 61 II (shown here with HPE II and Data Logger)

Test stand mechanical for manual, analogue
and digital hardness testers

> for series of measurements, allows quick mounting of the HPE II

> The integrated load for Shore A/B/O guarantees a uniform pressure as required by the standards.
> Option - additional load for Shore-D/C/D0-tests

> For hardness testing according to Shore 00/000, an optional additional holding-arm is available


Check device for HPE II

For Standard compliance

In compliance with ISO 9000, the user is
obliged to check his measuring equipment

With this control device, the display accuracy of the shore hardness

test equipment is being checked. This device allows the quick check

of the spring tension (in 10-unit steps) for the measuring ranges

Shore A/B/O/C/D/D0

DIN 53 505, EN ISO 868, ASTM D2240,
NF EN ISO 868 and JIS K 6253.


The software HARDTEST can be used for all electronic Bareiss - testers with a serial interface.
The software contains all functions necessary for a proper test run.

Actual measured value  

Reading of the actual measured value and of all hardness values of a series of measurements.
Single values can be erased. Measured values which aren't within the tolerance limits are marked (<,>).

You can have all statistical values at one view. In addition you can get the gradient and the section of the axes of a regression line from a series of measurements.

The series of measurements can be shown as a graph 

You are able to zoom any ranges of the graph for a better view.
You can draw the most important statistical values at the diagram (e.g. tolerance limits, average and medium value, regression line, etc.)

The test protocol can be defined freely  
(for the print-out of adhesive labels, of course, too).

The test data per series of measurements an be stored in a data file of articles.
You can insert a drawing or digitalized photo for each article.

Additional functions:
series of measurements can be memorized on DVD/CD or floppy disk
series of measurements can be interrupted and continued at a later point of time
export of the series of measurements to other programs
(table calculation, data bank,...) is made possible

Special Application:

HPE II with Data Logger (for example, for the Tire Industry)

Manual digital hardness tester HPE II L, L/c for Steering Wheels

Standard: PV 3931

Hardness determination at the steering wheel. With the aid of a quick centering device,

the HPE II L can be positioned accurately centered on the required position of the steering wheel.

The load is applied via a weight on a measuring lever. After the expiry of the measuring time, the

result is shown on the display of the HPE II L and stored in the Data Logger.
Please refer also to the "key advantages" of the HPE II as mentioned above.

Test certificate

A common guide for the standardized procedure of the proof of quality securing has been established by the ISO 9000. If a company is going to be certified according to ISO 9000 ff., it is obliged to control or having controlled all its measures periodically in the scope of the surveillance of measures. This kind of test is documented by us as the manufacturer.
Thus, we as the manufacturer of the hardness testers and you as the operator are able to prove, that the prescribed standards have been applied completely

Calibration Certificate

Key Benefits

  • Professional Equipment form world's leading manufacturer
  • DKD Calibration available (official German Calibration Laboratories)
  • Best and most accurate handheld equipment

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