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digi test II

Digital automatic Hardness Tester

Model: digi test II

For measurement of Shore Hardness according to:

DIN EN ISO 868, DIN 53505, FN-EN ISO 868,
ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619, BS 903 Part. A 26
DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415,
DIN ISO 27588

Key Advantages of the digi test II

  • clear display

  • simple menu guiding of the operator

  • display gives help for choosing the right measuring head

  • USB interface for data transfer

  • modular, digital system

  • automatic recognition of the measuring method and measuring time

  • can be integrated in an automatic production process

  • hysteresis function

The digi test II is extremely flexible, it can accommodate various measuring heads:



for soft rubber and highly elastic material as well as material that can be plastically deformed. From a material thickness of 0.6 mm to 5 mm

Hysteresis function

Shore A/B/O

for concave and convex material of a thickness from 4 or 6 mm

Micro Shore A

material thickness > 1 mm


for soft rubber and highly

elastic material as well as

plastically deformable

material of a thickness

from 6 to 10 mm


for material thickness

from 10 to 12 mm

Hysteresis function

Shore D/C/DO

for form-parts with a thickness from 4 or 6 mm

Micro Shore D

for a material thickness > 1 mm

Shore OO/OOO

for foam rubber, silicone,

gel and similar material

with a thickness from

6 mm onwards


for a material thickness

of > 1 mm

Hysteresis function

Shore A/D

for flat material with a thickness from 4 or 6 mm


Further Advantages:

Whether you need to measure any kind of Shore or IRHD,

you can do all with just ONE system. You change the

measuring head and the electronics automatically understands

the change and displays the measuring standard accordingly.

Also for calibration, you need to send just the measuring head

for calibration, not the complete system.

If your measurement task requires at the moment just one

kind of measurement (e.g. Shore) and you find all of a sudden

that you would also need another standard (e.g. IRHD), no

problem, you just add the measuring head you need.

Optional Accessories:



Centering device for the fast centering and

fixing of O-rings. For an O-ring thickness

of 0.8 mm to 5 mm or 4 mm to 20 mm

Barofix II

Automatic centering device

for the fast centering of

O-rings with a thickness of

0.8 to 5 mm or 4 to 20 mm


For the fast centering of

tube-like material, e.g. for

rubber hoses

Please note that the devices "Barofix" and "Centrofix"

can easily be fitted on top of the measuring table of the standard

digi test. If you have both, you can change them easily

depending on the measuring task you have on hand.

Test certificate

A common guide for the standardized procedure of the proof of quality securing has been established by the ISO 9000. If a company is going to be certified according to ISO 9000., it is obliged to control or having controlled all its measures periodically in the scope of the surveillance of measures. This kind of test is documented by us as the manufacturer.
Thus, we as the manufacturer of the hardness testers and you as the operator are able to prove, that the prescribed standards have been applied completely

Calibration Certificate

As mentioned above, for the calibration you just need to send us the measuring head, not the complete system. Roteq will handle for you the packing/transport/insurance so that you get the items back in time with the calibration certificate as required by you.

Key Benefits

  • Professional Equipment form world's leading manufacturer
  • DKD Calibration available (official German Calibration Laboratories)
  • Best and most accurate equipment, setting the world's Standard.

Alternatively, please email your enquiry/request to mail@roteq.com

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