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LAB Furnace L


Professional Furnace for Laboratories, Dental Laboratories,

Workshops and Educational Institutions




  • Designed for small pieces in laboratories and workshops
  • Special cool down control for high-end applications available (e.g. dental)
  • Casing made of CrNi steel for long lifetime
  • Double-walled for low surface temperature
  • Temperature control in the base of the system
  • Ready wired for connection to the mains supply
  • Low operating costs due to excellent insulation


Heating Element

Hofmann has developed and patented a vertically arranged heating module. It excels due to longer lifetime as the distortion of the heating coils due to the heat is eliminated. Vertically arranged heating plates generate a natural air circulation (due to the chimney effect) and therefore a more even temperature distribution throughout the furnace.

Hofmann Patented heating element.

Control Equipment

Hofmann's control equipment guarantees an optimal operation of the chosen programs. Even short power interruptions can not disturb the program.

Hofmann Program Controller

Standard Version L includes a Program Controller for 9 programs of 9 segments each.

Version L-Dental includes a Program Controller for 9 programs of 20 segments each (allows to link up to 100 segments in programming). The L-Dental version also allows controlled cooling.

Door Gasket

A gasket free of any Asbestos has excellent sealing properties and minimizes heat losses even at these critical areas of a furnace

Hofmann Door-Gasket

Door Switch

The power supply to the furnace is interrupted automatically when the door to the furnace is opened


Controlled Cooling

Some applications (e.g. dental) require an exactly controlled cool-down process.

The optionally available automatic cooling system allows a defined cooling

Gastight Muffle

for operation of the furnace with protective gas (e.g. for high alloy steels)

Please note that for this application, the inside dimensions t2, b2 and h2 apply

Furnace with Digital Scale

To establish weight loss of goods during heat treatment

The Digital Scale allows measurement of the weight loss of the goods during heat treatment

Laboratory Furnace Model L, shown with open door


Technical Data


Outside Dimensions (in mm):

B: 580   H: 700   T: 620   B1: 900  B2: 340

H0: 340   T1: 1060   T2: 440

Inside Dimensions (in mm):

b1: 240   h1: 190   t1: 310

b2: 180   h2: 150   t2: 260

Useful Inside Dimensions (in mm):

b: 200   h: 165   t: 300

Temperature: max. 1300 deg. C

Power Consumption: 2.8 kW

Weight: approx. 90 kg


Alternative Model to this would be the Model "LX"

Key Benefits

  • Professional Furnace
  • No special power wiring required
  • After Sales Service from Roteq Engineering Pte Ltd

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