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EXAMPLES of Furnaces produced by HOFMANN

These examples are to show you that you are choosing an experienced and good supplier with Hofmann.

Drying Furnace

Application:            Agricultural Machinery Industry
Working Temperature:             580C
Useful Furnace Capacity:      1,5m x 1,75m x 1,5m
Weight of Charge:                 3000kg
Power:                                 115 kW

2 Zones, 2 Blowers, Automatic Air-Flap Control,

Air recirculation principle. Exact air flow control; adjustable louvers;  fast heating time; very even temperature distribution

Drying Furnace for Lacquer Coated Sheets

Application:               Chemical Industry (test metal sheets)
Working Temperature:          110 - 250C (max 400C)
Useful Furnace Capacity:      220 x 100 x 300mm
Power      :                          15 kW

Special air guiding system. Extremely fast heat-up. Control of the air-speed. Made according to EN1539. Including optical Pyrometer.

Press Furnace for Circular Saw Blades

Application:          Saw Blade Manufacturer
Working Temperature:     up to 600C
Saw Plate Diameter:    up to 1100 mm
Max. Charge Weight:   up to 2000kg

To combine heat treatment and pressing to ensure absolute flat saw blades - a must for every professional high-quality manufacturer.

Inert Gas Atmosphere (N2 or N2H2):
 - No discoloring, no scaling, reduction of production steps
 - Gas save mode

Hot Gas Generator for Testing
Application:        Test and Standardization Institutes/Laboratories
Charge:                          Exhaust Gas Systems
Working Temperature:     up to 1000C
Hot Gas Flow:                400m/h to 1500m/h
Heating Gradient:           4000C/h

Temperature and flow control. High heating gradient. Compact design, movable on wheels. For testing of exhaust systems e.g. Chimneys, prototype testing, R&D                   

Sheet Metal Ageing Furnace

Typical Application:      Aircraft Industries
Charge:                       Aluminum Plates
Working Temperature:  100C to 220C
Charge Dimensions:     1700 x 2000 x 6800 mm
Charge weight:             up to 30 t

High Temperature Accuracy. Low Energy Loss. Can run fully automatic.

Compact design, one loading and discharge station, integrated cooling station.

Special air guiding provides exact heating and high temperature gradient at high charge weight.

Solution Heat Treatment Facility for Aluminum Parts

Typical Application:         Aircraft Industries
Charge:                          Aluminum Parts
Working Temperature:     100C to 600C
Charge Dimensions:       1400x1330x2930mm
Charge Weight:              up to 400kg

Overhead principle: High temperature accuracy, low losses, automatic feeding into the oven, oven with crane.

Cleaning system: Glycol basin, Vacuum cleaning basin, drying basin.

Heat Treatment Plant for Steel Parts

Typical Application:       Automotive Industry
Charge:                          Clutch and brake discs
Temperature:                   100C to 800C
Charge Dimensions:       1300x1100 mm
Charge Weight:               up to 3000kg

Overhead Principle, high temperature stability, low energy loss, can be fully automated.

Data of this Plant: 2 identical lines, 12 furnaces, 12 puffer areas, fully automatic

Inert gas atmosphere guarantees highest quality standard, best process control - and we have a low gas consumption.

Solution Heat Treatment Facility for Steel Parts

Typical Application:  Heat Treatment Company
Charge:                    Steel parts, Coins
Temperature:            up to 1100C
Charge Size:            170x140x300 mm
Charge Weight:         up to 25kg

Features: 2 Furnaces, one oil-bath, automatic crane, high temperature stability, air cooling system, fully automatic

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