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HP Analogue
digi test II
IRHD Compact III



Professional Test Equipment for Hardness Testing on Rubber and Plastic Material and for the determination of the firmness of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products as well as Fruits.

Test Equipment for Vickers and other methods.

Bareiss is setting THE industry standard for the SHORE Hardness Testing.

Any customer who needs an equipment that has truly international recognition for it's quality, reliability and accuracy must have a BAREISS. In many instances, you have to have equipment from the market leader. Such instances are surely if the import or export quality in today's global market place is a concern. If you have to convince your customers or suppliers about a product quality with regards to hardness, you have to have an equipment that produces results that are not subject to disputes.




Scenario:   You have an item that should be hardness tested - for ongoing quality concerns, for R&D or any other reason. You are not sure what the best test method/equipment or fixture could be.


Solution:   Send such a test piece (for small items a few) to ROTEQ and we will pass them on to the specialists at BAREISS. They will then advise us what measuring method/standard/equipment/fixture is the most suitable for the item.


Note:  This service is generally free for our customers (ROTEQ covers the transport costs to Germany, Bareiss supplies the expertise). We do not return such samples. A chargeable fee will become payable, if you request a formal test protocol for the testing. Please liaise with ROTEQ before you send the item to us.



Bareiss is accredited as the first official DKD-Calibration laboratory in Germany acc. to DIN EN 45001 for calibrations of the measure HARDNESS acc. to SHORE DIN 53505 and IRHD DIN 53519 by the Physikalisch - Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) since September 1996.


The Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD) is an association of calibration laboratories of industrial firms, research institutes, technical authorities, inspection and testing institutes. These laboratories are accredited and supervised by the Accreditation Body of Deutscher Kalibrierdienst. They calibrate measuring instruments and material measures for measurands and measurement ranges specified within the framework of accreditation. The DKD calibration certificates issued by these laboratories prove traceability to national standards as required in the “standards’ family” ISO 9000 and the ISO/IEC 17025.

Calibrations carried out by DKD laboratories allow the user to trust in the reliability of measurement results. They increase the customers’confidence and competitiveness on the national and international markets. They also serve as a metrological basis for the control of measurement and test equipment within the framework of quality management.

This is one of the main reasons why so many customers decide for a genuine BAREISS equipment.


Model digitest II

micro-computer-controlled hardness tester with a very high measuring precision within the measuring ranges:

IRHD-M (micro), IRHD-ss (supersoft),
IRHD-N (normal), IRHD-H, RHD-L (soft),
Shore A/B/O, Shore D/C/DO,
Shore OO/OOO, Micro Shore


GELOMAT for firmness testing of gelatin capsules

digitest Rebound Tester

Abrasion Tester


Pusey & Jones Tester, O-Ring Tester, Barcol Tester,

firmness of Face Powder Tester and many more.

Key Benefits

  • Professional Equipment form world's leading manufacturer
  • DKD Calibration available (official German Calibration Laboratories)
  • After Sales Support and Service through ROTEQ in Singapore

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