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Blowers / Fans - engineered solutions for every application.

  • Explosion-proof Fans for Zone-0, e.g. for use in refineries, chemical, petro­chemical and pharmaceutical plants.
  • Gas Pressure Boosters, gastight fans for the transport of gases such as biogas, waste gas, sewage gas, natural gas, flare gas etc.
  • Fans for Industrial Combustion Plants, primary and secondary air blowers, flue gas re-circulation fans, acid-proof induced-draft fans with hard rubber coating and use of Hastelloy® and/or titanium for manufacturing.
  • Extremely Gastight and Corrosion-resistant Fans.
    Example: Chlorine gas fans with mechanical seal, coated housing and blower wheel made from titanium.
  • Pressure-Proof Fans for system pressures of up to 50 bar.
  • Fans for Hot Gases, for gas temperatures up to 700 deg C
  • Fans for Gas Turbine Cooling, some with sound and heat absorbers and operable temperature range up to 400°C.
  • Fans for Chemical Industry and Food Processing Industry, e.g. full stainless steel construction, with swing-out system for impeller and motor for easy inspection and cleaning.

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Large Fan System


Cast Iron Fan

Cast Iron Fan, gastight

Fan for 50 bar System Pressure

All-Titanium Fan, for corrosive gas (e.g. sewerage gas)

Degassing Fan - for various industries (e.g. shipbuilding)

Direct-Drive Fan with Inspection Opening

Fan with Diesel Motor

Stainless Steel Fan

Steel Fan - Gastight

Taylor-Made Fan

Zone-0 Fan (explosion proof)

Zone-0 Fan (explosion proof)

Zone-0 Fan (explosion proof)

Zone-0 Fan (explosion proof)

Zone-0 Fan (explosion proof)

Arrangement for Fan Testing according to the ATEX requirement.

We do not have detailed catalogues for each and every fan type as they are manufactured as per engineering request. We will however supply you with our quotation with all the technical details such as the calculated fan data, performance and noise curve and the dimensional drawing of the fan.

Key Benefits

  • Precisely Engineered Fans for reliable performance as required for the process/application
  • Quality Production by experienced Swiss or German Manufacturer
  • Full technical Support through Roteq in Singapore

Please send us your inquiry by Email    Email enquiry to Roteq

Please state in your inquiry your name, your company name/address and contact details as well as the information about the gas that you need to compress/move.


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