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Press Release 1

Roteq looks for Customer Service Executive

Our lady who handled this position for more than 9 years left us to further her career in fitness, so we look for a person to fill this position.

The job is an all-round office position and interesting for an person able to work independently. We are currently also advertising this job via JobsDB in Singapore.

For more details, please refer to http://www.roteq.com/jobopening.htm

(Edited on 2015-05-29)

Roteq looks for a Sales Technician

We are currently looking for a Sales Technician / Technical Sales Support for our local and regional product and customer support. Interested technicians/engineers shall be either Singapore Citicen or Singapore Permanent Resident as our quota for others is exhausted. At the time being, the background should be mechanical engineering or mechatronics. You can either email with full details to HR@Roteq.com or if that is closed (we close that usually after we do advertising to reduce spam) you use any of our general email addresses. We will however only reply to shortlisted candidates.

Please refer to http://www.roteq.com/jobopening.htm

Roteq upgraded to 100 MBps Business Fibre Broadband

Recent on-line training of customers with Elsys has shown that we need sufficient speed/bandwidth for video and sound transfer and also screen-sharing on a computer at the same time. To enable this flawlessly and for the support to our customers, we have upgraded our system now to Fibre Optics and have 100 MBps upload and 100 MBps download speed.

Visitors to our office shall ask our staff for the username/password for Guest access via WiFi

(Added on 2015-04-10)

Elsys High Speed - Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems added

Roteq has started to cooperate closely with Elsys of Switzerland to consult customers, supply and support their multi-channel data acquisition systems. We do training with your system from Roteq and we are proud to be able to supply the high quality products of this excellent Swiss company.

Click here if you want to go straight to this new part.

(Added on 2015-04-10)

Expansion of ROTEQ Facilities upcoming

We are expecting the TOB** of two of our local industrial B2 factory units within this year. This will add about 3500 square-foot of space for our operation.

We are currently working on projects to have work ready for the place as soon as we can start to operate there. We will also have 2 lorry parking lots and 4 car parking lots for our own use.

** TOP means that the units are ready to start operation - TOP stands for "Temporary Occupation Permit" and the building is B2, what stands for "General Industry"

Update: We have rent this facilities out for the time being  (Added 2015-04-10)

Web Updates/Changes

Many additions have recently been made, specially as far as the ELSYS  and EGGER section of the WebSite is concerned.

Product Announcement

Some changes in this area may come soon. We dropped the sales and marketing of Gas Sensors. We also have currently dropped the active promotion of HPI Pressure transducers via Roteq.

This page was updated on the 29th May, 2015

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